Welcome to Pegasus Training and Sales

Whether you are looking for a dressage partner, a hunt horse, an eventer or just a horse to enjoy trail rides on, chances are you can find it at Pegasus.

Where do we find our horses? Everywhere! We comb the countryside looking for that special youngster that will become a Pegasus horse. Our prospects are then brought to our farm where their new career starts to take shape..


The horses receive any necessary vet and farrier attention, are put on a diet specially designed for them and begin their schooling (or re-schooling) process.


By carefully adhering to the classical dressage methods of bringing along young horses, we can develop a horse that will be a willing and reliable partner for riders of various abilities and disciplines.


At Pegasus Training and Sales, we put the interest of the horse first…you can be assured that no ‘shortcuts’ or gimmicks were used in your new horse’s training, just tried and true methods that will serve your horse well thru his lifetime.

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